African Music Radio Stations Uganda

Arua One FM Arua One FM88.7 FM
Here you can listen Arua One FM online, this station is located in Arua (Uganda) and broadcasts at a frequency 88.7
Radio CBS Buganda Radio CBS Buganda89.2 FM
CBS Radio Buganda 89.2 FM is the largest local private commercial FM radio station in Uganda.
Radiocity Radiocity97.0 FM
Listen online to Uganda radio stations including CBS Radio Buganda 89.2, Radio Simba, 91.3 Capital FM, CBS Radio Buganda 88.8, Akaboozi 87.9 FM and many more.
Radio Simba Radio Simba97.3 FM
Radio Simba is a broadcast radio station in Kampala, Uganda, providing News, Sports and Local music in Luganda language.
Radio Lead Africa Radio Lead Africa999.02 FM
Radio lead africa is a free, group radio that gives a Stage for human rights community training grasps assorted qualities, resistance of conclusions and fl
Yofochm Radio Yofochm Radio999.05 FM
Yofochm Radio Uganda is a charity voice established by young people of Youth for charity missions international to make moments for people to abide in Chri
Connect Uganda Radio Connect Uganda Radio999.06 FM
Connect Uganda broadcasts a diverse range of locally and nationally produced programs, both music and spoken word, in hi-fi stereo. Connect Uganda broadcas